Sunday, August 4, 2013

Every Family Needs To Know About The Reciprocity Program for Science Centers

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When we joined the family membership at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in San Diego, we receive 8 free IMAX theater tickets and a year of fun at other participating science center. The IMAX theater is in a dome. So, after seeing our 2 movies, one of which was the amazing Hubble movie, we no longer attend IMAX movies at local theaters any more. We only want true IMAX experience at a science center.

Renewable Energy
The best thing about a science center is that it is  a hands-on learning experience. As a member of one science center, you have a passport to nearly 250 science centers as part of the Association of Science-Technology Center reciprocity program. Some science centers have distance restrictions that won't allow you to participate in the local science centers that are within 90 miles. Fortunately, the California Science Center which is home of the Shuttle Endeavor is always free, although you might have to print out your reservation to see the shuttle.

We were truly impressed with the Tech Museum in San Jose and Exploratorium in San Francisco, the latter of which is no longer a participating Science Center. Here is the link to the participating science centers: 

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