Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shell's Gas Deal

If you have more than 100 Ralph points, then Shell will give you 10 cent off per gallon of gas. Then, take the receipt to Ralph's to earn double points through August 2011. Not a bad deal, except we exhausted all of our Ralph's points. At least it was better than being 5 points short on the Ralph's points and loosing 495 points in 2011.

A Great Way to Pay Less for A Rental Car

It's disappointing that Discover will only pay you .25% for the first $3000, however, the double reward for Enterprise Rental Car is still a good deal, especially if you are renting a car for one day. By parlaying $20 worth of reward, our out of pocket cost ended up only being $7. It would have been $4 but the company said that our gas was low and we ended up splitting the gas cost. Can't win every time, but this is still a great deal. I checked Costco's deal, and it was only 5% off. Not a deal at all.