Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Year Later, I Still Love My BRW 2000 Rowing Machine

Most people buy exercise equipment only to find a graveyard of unused equipment. I say that a rowing machine is different, especially my BRW 2000.

A lot of people ask me about how I keep my figure. I am not thin, but I am not overweight. I have the following factors to my advantage: 1) I have a pretty high metabolism, 2) I drink a lot of green tea which also boost my metabolism, 3) I take public transportation which forces me to walk more than the average person and 4) allergy and asthma medication has a side effect of killing appetite. However, I generally tell them about my BRW 2000, because I love my rowing machine.
A year after purchasing my BRW 2000, I am still madly in love with it. I own other exercise equipments, but my BRW2000 is parked just a short distance from my television. When the kids put on their crappy television programming, I am rowing away knowing that it is just background noise.

My Consideration

I was looking for an all around exercise equipment that is not too difficult to use and not too expensive, within a price range of $150-$200. Growing up as a pretty good swimmer, I was always told that swimming is such good exercise. There are overall cardiovascular benefits and movement of all part of your body. I wanted something like swimming but without the chlorine in my eyes and hair and shivering between the public indoor swimming pool and the showers. After some careful research, I concluded that a rowing machine was the way to go.

Benefit of Rowing

#1 : Total Body Workout

Like swimming, a rowing machine gives you a total body workout. Within 5 minutes, you can feel the resistance in your arms, legs, back, abdominal area and back. According to my friend who is a rower, make sure to maintain good posture. One should not slouch. Just like you want to walk with proper posture, if you row with proper posture, you will have a more efficient workout of all parts of your body.

#2: Great for Physical Therapy

When I tore a knee ligament, my physical therapist asked me if I have a rowing machine. She was pleased to find out that I did. She asked me to row, making sure that my knees lined up with my toes. This way, I am not putting unnecessary strain on my knees, and I am evenly strengthening my leg muscles. Plus, it is impact free and therefore there are no negative aspects to rowing as opposed to running.

#3: You Are Never Bored

This is a great exercise in front of your television. When you are bored with a show, use your remote control and change your channel, and put on some exercise music such as trance or dance.

#4: Anybody Can Row

My mother-in-law came to visit and she tried the rowing machine and loved it. My kids who are 9 and 11 love to row. Because it is so much fun, you want to row regularly.

#5: Burning Calories

Rowing is a great way to burn calories. Why wouldn't it since it is exercise after all.

So the next time you tell yourself that you want to increase your exercise, you cannot go wrong with a BRW 2000 rowing machine.

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