Friday, August 31, 2012

Swagbuck: Generate Money Without Much Effort.

Since Club Bing shut down in May 2012, I had to find another site to earn free stuff. I was very sad to see how Club Bing deteriorated. I had finished all of its crossword puzzles and also post card puzzles. It was decent in that I earned a camera, a digital camera, an ice cream maker, and a lot of other prizes that now I frankly cannot remember.

So, with the magic of the internet, I found Swagbucks. In a short period from February 2012 to the present, I have earned about $30 worth of Amazon certificate without much effort. It is a site that is pretty entertaining, giving you celebrity gossips, Martha Stewart video clips of cooking, arts and crafts, and home decorating. There are music clips and plenty of games. The best part is the amazing Swagbucks one can earn just by doing searches that you would otherwise do anyways. Recently, I was awarded 59 Swagbucks. Only 450 is needed for a $5 Amazon gift certificate. If you like what I am telling you, then please use my referral link at: For every referral, your search will reward me up to 1000 Swagbucks when you earn Swagbucks. This is not a gimmick because if you refer anyone, then you will earn up to 1000 Swagbucks, and if I could have given this referral bonus to someone who had introduced me to this, I would have gladly done so because it is so much fun to do searches and then earn Swagbucks.
Just a Handful of Gift Cards You Can Claim

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